Monday Motivation 17: Just Try

Today's motivation comes in the form of words; some of the best motivation out there. In every area of your life in which you have set goals, there will be challenges, doubts, circumstances, and negativity keeping your from what you have set your mind to.

There will always be people telling you cannot do something, or that your dreams are too big, or that you are crazy for trying. Those people are quitters. And YOU are not a quitter.

One thing I have found with people who try to diminish my dreams, is that they do so, simply because they do not have dreams of their own. When others hear you speaking about what you want to accomplish, it reveals their lack of goals, achievements, and spirit to do something great. So instead of getting their own goals, they try to trample on yours.

This quote is truly inspirational and reminds me that the words, "impossible," "risky," and "pointless" do not matter. Just think of all the great inventors, scientists, leaders, businessmen, and athletes who have contributed to our world. What if they had let pride, experience, or reason get in their way? Would there have been another in their place to do the things they did or create some of the greatest resources we have today? Maybe. Maybe not.

Always listen to your heart. You heart will always tell you can, when other say different. Who are you going to listen to? Reason? Experience? Pride?

Try listening to the one that know you best. Yourself. What would life be without attempting the impossible, or refusing to take risks, or aiming for the pointless? It would be boring. So take a chance and just, "give it a try."

In Health,
~ Q. Olivia

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