Motivation Monday 15: Measure

A women is often measured by the things she cannot control. She is measured by the way her body curves or doesn't curve, by where she is flat or straight or round. She is measured by 36-24-36 and inches  and ages and numbers, by all the outside things that don't ever add up to who she is on the inside. And so if a women is to be measured, let her be measured by the things she can control; by who she is and who she is trying to become. Because as every women knows, measurements are only statistics... statistics lie.

Never allow anyone to shape your future except you. Only you can write your future.

Measure yourself not to the standards of others; but to the standards of your Creature.

Compare yourself not to the images of women on television and magazine covers; strive to reach the excellence and example of great women that embody inner strength, confidence, and faith.

Beauty may fade, but virtue is forever.

This week, all women and men should challenge themselves to determine how they measure themselves? How do you see yourself? Not in comparison to the world, simply in your eyes. What great values and traits do you offer the world? What blessings do you bestow upon mankind? What about you makes you so wonderful and unique.

You must truly love yourself as you are now, on the inside; no matter how thin, athletic, or fit you become in the future; always remember how amazing that inner woman or man was before they started their journey.

In Health,
~ Q. Olivia

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