Motivation Monday: Every Step Counts

There is a quote attributed to Buddha that says, "There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting."

Most of us have goals, ambitions, and dreams that we start and are eager to finish;  but at some point we take our eyes off how far we have come and start focusing on how much further we have to go.

We must remember that every success, no matter how insignificant, is crucial in our accomplishment. Every step towards our goal; however slight the step may be, will eventually lead us to the end result. We have to remember without every step that we have taken, we would never be where we are right now.

This is why it is helpful to have a journal (paper or online) to track your progress. Seeing your progress before you eyes can be an essential tool in allowing you to see what you have done up until this point.

Every workout, every health-conscious meal, and every denial of an office donut should be a moment that you take pride in yourself. Do not wait to celebrate until you hit your target weight, your preferred dress size, or run that destined mileage. Be proud of all of the small steps.

If you are not happy on the journey, you will not be any happier once you arrive at your destination.
Be proud of every step.

In Fitness + Love,
~ Q. Olivia