Motivation Monday 6: Whatever It Takes (WIT)

In order to reach our fitness goals... or any goals for that matter. We must learn to have a "whatever it takes" mentality or WIT as I like to call it.

WIT mentality pushes us when we think we cannot go further. WIT helps us run faster, perform longer, and give it our all, when we thought we had given everything. WIT keeps us focused and motivated. WIT helps us to see how great we are, when others doubt us. WIT shows us who we are, when no one else is looking.

Challenge: What would our life be like if we had a Whatever It Takes Mentality in every single aspect of our life? We might have healthier relationships, improved financial situations, better health and lifestyle. With a WIT mentality there is no turning back. Once you make a decision to improve your life no matter what it takes, you are focused and feel a greater purpose in sense in every action, thought, and deed.

We all have goals and dreams, but we are not going to reach those aspirations by simply thinking about them. We have to apply what we know to be true to reach those goals, whether fitness related or something of a more personal or private nature. Do not expect things to just be simple. We have to work for what we want; every day.

If you want something you have to truly commit to it. You will be able to separate the fitness posers from the fitness winners in a few weeks; all the gyms across America that have been filled from morning to night will begin to be less congested. People who thought they could reach weight loss and fitness goals in one month are going to give up claiming that a healthy diet and exercise "just doesn't work."

They are going to make some excuse to stop going to the gym. And then by the end of February they will not be going to the gym at all, and will possibly gain back they weight they did lose by the end of March.

WHY? They did not have a WIT attitude. They wanted something, but were not willing to put their heart and soul into their goal. Do not fall into that category. Continue pushing yourself. Continue seeing yourself as you want to be: fit, happy, and healthy. Continue going to the gym even in your workout buddy quits. Continue counting your calories, monitor your snacking and guzzling down your water. If you want it, you have it. Just keep having that WIT attitude.

In Health,
~ Q. Olivia


Motivation Monday 5: Compete with You

The worse thing we can do is compare our worse to someones best.

There is a beginning for everyone. Your goals are no less important, no less tough, and no less achievable than the person next to you on the treadmill.

Do not use the standard of excellence that others use. Find your own standard and excel. Excel in a big way. Set personal records and break them.

In Health,
Q. Olivia


Motivation Monday 4: Clear Your Mind

No excuses, but last week was hectic, so sorry that is has been an entire week since my last post. This week's motivation comes from another image phrase:

Thoughts are the reason people succeed or fail. It is the reason people go for the promotion, or don't. Thoughts are why we choose to hit the gym... or stay on the couch.

Have you ever seen a balloon become punctured with a hole by a sharp object? It only takes one little hole in the balloon to deflate it. It may take a while for it to completely deflate but eventually all the air goes out. You may even try to patch it up, but that temporary patch will not hold forever.

Our thoughts are just like those balloons. One little negative word, like can't, can deflate our confidence, discourage us from trying, or keep us from reaching our goals.Negative words can be deadly weapons and slowly chip not only at our goals and dreams, but our energy and health.

With so many negative ideas that get implanted into our thought process on a daily basis, it is important to do some daily "dusting" and "cleaning" of the mind. I recently saw a comic strip that mentioned that the English language has over 400 ways to say no. That is a lot of negativity.

Remember our thoughts determine our future.

When you hear negative, verbally proclaim the affirmative.
When you believe you can do it, your life changes.

My trainer (Lee) and I have made an agreement: during a workout there is no use of the words: cannot, hard, quit, refuse, give up, etc. I am only allowed to speak positive. If I don't speak positive, I can be sure to earn myself some extra reps.

What words do you say (unaware) that are actually assisting in your failure, rather than your success?
Clear your mind. You have a dream. You have a goal. So do not let a simple four letter word (with an apostrophe) change your winning attitude.


In Health.
~ Q. Olivia


Motivation Monday 3: Give it Twelve in 2012

Make a commitment, not a resolution. If you have gained weight, know that you did not gain 20 pounds overnight; in the same breath, you will not lose the weight after one gym session.

Let's map it out really quick. You have your resolution to be in better shape. Let's say today is the first day you hit the gym, and you go 3-4 times a week. In twelve weeks you will have had 48 sessions at the gym.

March 26. Between today and March 26 a lot can change. You can look the best you have ever looked, and felt the best you have ever felt. It is all  up to you.

Do not give up. EVER. If you stick with your program, you will see results. I promise.

In Health,
~ Q. Olivia


A New Year, A New You

The clock has struck, the bubbly has flowed, and the last stanzas of "Auld Lang Syne" have been sung. It is January 1, 2012. The resolutions begin NOW.

Many of us have heard that resolutions are made to be broken. There are even statistics showing the increase of gym memberships and attendance the first two months of the year, followed by a dramatic decrease before the last day of February.

Why do people break their resolutions? Why is it so hard to stick with a goal? Tonight, I will discuss ways to make sure you stick with your 2012 resolutions.

1. Plan & Schedule. Plan your resolutions well in advance. Obviously with it being January 1, I hope the resolutions were not written out at the last minute (last night). If you have not started your resolutions today, go ahead and set a date. Maybe it is next week, or even February 1. Once you have set a date, schedule it into your calendar like you would an important business meeting, doctor's appointment or a relatives birthday. If your goal is to exercise three times a week, write in your calendar and show up!

As some of my wise business mentors tell me, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail."

2. Outline Your Plan. What is that you want to accomplish? What are the necessary means to get to that goal? Decide in advance what you are going to do AND how you will fight the temptation to give in or break your resolutions. Because temptations will come, but if you have a plan, they will be easy to ignore.

3. Be Realistic. The worse mistake anyone makes is setting resolutions that are literally unreachable. Don't vow to give up a specific food forever, or to lose 100 pounds in one month. You can do anything you put your mind too, just make sure your body can follow along. Attaining resolutions should be done in a safe and healthy way.

4. Celebrate Victories. When you go so many hours without smoking, or you make it to the gym as scheduled for the week, make sure to reward yourself. Don't indulge in the thing you are giving up, but treat yourself to something you enjoy that does not contradict your resolution. Get a massage or new hair cut, go to the movies, or purchase a small item for yourself or to spruce up your home.

5. Sharing is Caring. Do not be shy about your goals. Share them and talk about them with friends and loved ones. Speaking your goals audibly holds you accountable and is a constant reminder of what your goals are; additionally, you will find support from those you share your goals with. When I have friends who have new goals or want to break habits, I am excited for them. When I am around them I make an effort to ask them about their progress and offer moral support.

6. Monitor Progress. In addition to speaking your goal aloud, also find a way to track your progress, whether in a blog, an Excel document on your computer, or in a journal written by hand. My husband's co-worker recently kicked the habit of smoking. He not only tracked the decrease in the number of cigarettes he smoked, but he also calculated the amount of money he was saving. Needless to say, seeing the results of his saved finances motivated him all the more with his goal.

7. Pause. Rewind. Play. Most people get burned out come February trying to accomplish their resolutions. If you do give in to temptation or find yourself pigging out on candy bars and ice cream, that does not give you a ticket to quit. Just start over. Resolutions are not just for the beginning of the year, they can start anytime you are ready to change your life.

8. Think Positive. Think about your goals daily. Post pictures o motivate you. You could keep a photo of a healthy lung (if you're giving up smoking) in your wallet or tape a nice dress or suit you want to wear (if you're losing weight) on your computer. It takes twenty-one days for an action to become a habit, so you will need a positive mental attitude to get you where you want to go. One of my favorite quotes reflects this tip:

"Watch you thoughts, for the become words. Watch your words for they become actions. Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits for they become character. Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny."

Happy New Year and the best of success with your resolutions.

In Health,
~ Q. Olivia