Motivation Monday: Champions

Another Ali quote to start the week off right.

"Champions aren't made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them - a desire, a dream, a vision. They have to have the SKILL, and the WILL. But the WILL must be stronger than the skill."

I had a workout with my Coach, Wes Simon on Sunday and as I finished a rotation of exercises, he said, "Remember, that girl next to you is working harder than you."

A champion is born when the decision is made to win. Right now I am my biggest competition. But as soon as I become the best ME that I can be, all of those ladies lined up on stage next to me will be my competition.

Train like a champion. Live life as a champion.

In Health + Fitness,
~ Q. Olivia


WWOW (Wednesday Workout of the Week): BOSU Ball

So, as you all know, I am a fan of working the core muscles. You have read my spiel... "the core is important... it is the foundation for all other workouts... strong core, strong body..."

With that being said, I cannot think of a better week to work the core. Now to be honest, for the longest time I had no idea what  BOSU ball was. I used it, but I just referred to it as a "half exercise ball." But now that I have been properly introduced to it, in all its wonder, I have become quite fond of that little half ball.

It definitely promotes balances and stabilization. Either side of the ball gives you an optimal workout. Ohhhh, optimal. Look at me using fancy words.

Anyway, here are some photo examples of various workouts that you can do for a set amount of time (the plank of a bosu ball) or 3 sets of 15 reps (squats on a bosu).


These are excellent exercises to get your started on the Bosu Ball.

Now, if you are needing to incorporate some cardio and maybe a little bit more intensity in your workout, check out this ten-minute Bosu Ball exercise you can do in the mornings or at night.

Despite her pants issue, the workouts are pretty intense and once you learn the exercises, you can do them on your own from memory.

And do not forget your handy dandy interval timer. Lee got me this one for my birthday last year.
I love it.
It is the Everlast brand in yellow with multiple interval timing options.

So, I know this is not a single specific exercise, but I promise your entire body will feel good after doing some variant routines on the Bosu. Enjoy... and try not to fall off.

Until Next Time...
~ Q. Olivia


Motivation Monday: Fear is a Liar

  This picture speaks volumes.. and the truth.

How often have we not done something (or the opposite) because we were too afraid? Afraid of failure, afraid of success. Afraid of other's opinions. Afraid of change. Afraid of the unknown.

There is an acronym that I love for fear that says: False Evidence Appearing Real

Your challenge this week is to look in a mirror and ask yourself, "What Am I Afraid Of?"

Your next challenge is to answer the question honestly and out loud.

Once you give your fear a name, it does not seem so scary. It may actually even sound silly.

Conquer your fears, and claim what is yours.

In Love + Fitness,
~ Q. Olivia


Motivation Monday: Life as Champion

Some days in the gym training just plain suck. I know. You always feel good about yourself afterwards, but let's be real. A workout is not always a wonderful thing in the process.

Training is hard. And some days I would rather be sitting in the park with a tub of ice cream, reading a fantastic book.

This quote by my favorite athlete of all time is so money. And applicable (at least for me and what I want to achieve in the next year). There was a reason he was considered "the greatest".

Is your goal today to be great, or just mediocre?

I plan on living the rest of my life as a champion. For now, I have to train hard and never give up.

Today, make the choice to live your life as champ. Nothing else will do.

Until Next Time...
~ Q. Olivia

May Challenge: Squat-a-Thon

Alright, so between Pinterest, Facebook, and my yo-yo dieting co-workers, I have heard a lot about this 30 day squat challenge that a lot of people are doing for the month of May.

I am all about community, and reaching goals together. So I am going to jump on the fit wagon and take this challenge also.

There are a lot of variations of this challenge, so look online and pick the one you want. I saw challenges that started with 20 squats, and others that started with 50 squats or more. Everyone has different fitness levels, so start where you feel comfortable. Remember, you are your only competition. Listen to your body.

Here is my May Squat Challenge:

So, I literally, just jumped in on Day 5 and repped out 70 squats. For anyone who knows me, they know I love leg days, and I am also over-confident; therefore, I did not feel the need to start with 50. But again, that is just me. Know your body, and I am sure I am going to be paying for my over-confidence in the morning :)

Feel free to start this challenge with me this week, OR you can wait until next month. Either way, I think this is a great way to make sure your glutes, quads and lower back look stunning in your summer clothes this year.

Take the challenge? Join me!!

~ Q. Olivia


Friday Fitness Fact

Today's Fitness Fact:

After turning 30, we lose about one pound of lean muscle mass each year (what?!?!). To combat this, lift weights 2-3 times a week. It will help prevent those shrinking muscles from turning into fat.

Make it fit weekend...
~ Q. Olivia


WWOW - Workout of the Week: Seated Cable Rows

Summer is almost here. Well, for those of us living down here in Texas, summer was here months ago, and the best is yet to come.

As we know summer time means we shred more clothing and show of those awesome body parts. Legs, arms, and stomachs. But with all of the tank tops and swimsuits that we wear, one key body part sometimes goes untouched at the gym and can make a huge difference in our definition.

That my friends, is the BACK. In our quest to tone our arms and get lean legs, sometimes we forget that a nicely toned back does wonders for our summer shirts and dresses.

This Wednesday's Workout: Seated Narrow Grip Cable Rows

Keep legs slightly bent and squeeze at the top.

There are many variations of this exercise. You can do it on a cable row machine, one the floor, or even with free weights. The placing of your feet and the height of the cables can all work different areas of the back. I love back days and this workout is always incorporated in my routine.

Be sure to watch your posture; straight back and chest out

You can also check out videos to ensure proper technique and execution. While the back is your support system, muscles can also easily become sprained or injured if you do not perform the exercise correctly. Have a workout body assist you in ensuring proper posture and placement of hands, feet, etc.

You can also view a great video here at Bodybuilding.com!

Try this workout this week and I promise you will feel the results the next day, if not the same day. The soreness will also help you know which areas of your back you are working.

Remember: Sore Today. Fierce Tomorrow.

Until Next Time...
~ Q. Olivia