WWOW (Wednesday Workout of the Week): BOSU Ball

So, as you all know, I am a fan of working the core muscles. You have read my spiel... "the core is important... it is the foundation for all other workouts... strong core, strong body..."

With that being said, I cannot think of a better week to work the core. Now to be honest, for the longest time I had no idea what  BOSU ball was. I used it, but I just referred to it as a "half exercise ball." But now that I have been properly introduced to it, in all its wonder, I have become quite fond of that little half ball.

It definitely promotes balances and stabilization. Either side of the ball gives you an optimal workout. Ohhhh, optimal. Look at me using fancy words.

Anyway, here are some photo examples of various workouts that you can do for a set amount of time (the plank of a bosu ball) or 3 sets of 15 reps (squats on a bosu).


These are excellent exercises to get your started on the Bosu Ball.

Now, if you are needing to incorporate some cardio and maybe a little bit more intensity in your workout, check out this ten-minute Bosu Ball exercise you can do in the mornings or at night.

Despite her pants issue, the workouts are pretty intense and once you learn the exercises, you can do them on your own from memory.

And do not forget your handy dandy interval timer. Lee got me this one for my birthday last year.
I love it.
It is the Everlast brand in yellow with multiple interval timing options.

So, I know this is not a single specific exercise, but I promise your entire body will feel good after doing some variant routines on the Bosu. Enjoy... and try not to fall off.

Until Next Time...
~ Q. Olivia

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