Merry Christmas + Merry Fitness

Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays
May your Christmas Season be filled with love, joy, laughter, prosperity, and health.

Enjoy the day with family and friends. Remember our servicemen and women who cannot be with their families today. Say a special prayer of thanks for them.

Finally, have a great day of relaxation and hit it hard in the gym tomorrow.
Lee and I are planning on doing our Annual Rivers Christmas Light Run through River Oaks. Nothing intense, just a light jog while enjoying some Christmas lights!!

Wishing you all the best this beautiful Christmas Day. Jesus is the Reason for the Season!
In Health, Fitness + the Christmas Spirit,
~ Q. Olivia 


Motivation Monday: Never Settle

I am sad to report that we live in society that settles. In the last two years since I have been in Houston (and even in my return visits back home to Missouri), I have spoken to so many people who seem content in complacency. Raised by my independent, strong-minded mother, settling was never an option. Not in our words or actions.

Obviously, I do not believe that I am alone in the fact that I had parents who encouraged me to live life, push myself, and never settle; but I am more aware that as we get older and leave our childhood behind, we settle deeper and deeper.

Remember when you were a kid and you thought anything in this world was possible, simply because you believed? We had the wildest dreams of being astronauts, doctors, and ballerinas; even a princess seemed like a rational career for some of my girlfriends at the age of 5. Young boys in my class wanted to be superheroes, police officers, or pilots. And when someone shared what they wanted to be, in a unified chorus we would all say, "Cool, I want to do that too!"

When did we stop wanting those things? When did we stop dreaming and start settling? When did we stop living?

Not soon after we are encouraged to be imaginative and dream big, we then learn as we grow up that imagination is not for adults and that dreaming is not productive. Sometimes we even get in trouble for day dreaming or having "foolish and outlandish" ideas. We are told that we need to be rational and realistic. The very same people who told us to dream big dreams, years later tell us to stop. So, we do.

And now I pose a question: Who told you that you had to settle?

Although I am only in my twenties, I have learned quite a bit through my life experiences. One great lesson that I learned was that the minute you settle for less than you deserve, you get less than you settled for. One you drop the standards of what you want in your career, in romance, in your fitness goals, and your success, it is easier to drop the bar a little lower... and a little lower.
You promise yourself that you will not ever go below a certain level, but then you find yourself lowering the bar once again.

As I continue on pursuing my goals for fitness and health, I have had to be conscious not to settle for mediocrity. Sure, it might be easier to eat this quick unhealthy option over preparing healthy meals, but what is the outcome? It may be easier to cut myself short a few reps with the barbell, but what do I gain? It may be easier to finish my cardio a few minutes early, but what is the point? Why not just give it my all? Why not just commit and do it right?

So I asked myself the other day, "Who told me that I could not compete in my first figure competition?" Not Lee. He is 100% in my corner and has even changed a few of his eating habits to support me. Obviously not my trainer Wes, he believes that I can do it, and offers great advice and coaching. Not anyone in the gym. Not anyone in my family.

No one told me that I could not do. Except one person. Myself. Because when I fail to push myself and settle for less than the best, I am the only one telling me that I cannot. Today that changes.

Never settle for less than you deserve. Demand the best and accept nothing less.

In Fitness + Health,
~ Q. Olivia


Motivation Monday: Interest vs Commitment

As a small business owner, I love quotes related to mentorship, leadership, and business management; and Kenneth Blanchard is an expert in those areas. The above quote showcases the difference between interest and commitment, and the results of those differences.

Someone can have an interest in a variety of topics, hobbies, and subjects, but a person who is committed in those areas treats it differently. I have an interest in fitness and health; but I am committed to competing in a figure competition and helping others with their goals.

Interest is reactive. Commitment is proactive.
When you are interested in something you sample it, try it out and play around with it. When you are committed to something, you take solid action steps to move toward the desired outcome. When you commit to something, you have an expectation of results, not just a wish.

The day you choose to draw a line in the sand, set your priorities, and refuse to allow anything stand in your way, you are on your way from interest to commitment. If you desire to achieve excellence, you must be committed totally and completely.

Commitment stems from discipline and passion.
Both are required to succeed. Discipline pushes you over the difficulties on your journey towards your goal, and passion drives your actions from the heart. Once you connect your goal to your heart, your life changes, your attitude towards the situation takes a 180* turn, and your feel complete in your daily actions towards the goal. For me, there is nothing better than working out, eating clean, and sacrificing my guilty pleasures, because my heart knows what I want and I get pleasure when I move forward.

I challenge you to ask yourself how committed you are to your goals, your dreams, and your success. Whether in business, fitness, or personal growth, asking that question will help you determine your next steps. As we move into the "Resolution Season," I encourage you to buckle down and decide what you want for your health, your life, and your family.

Interest or Commitment. What team are you on?

In Fitness + Health,
~ Q. Olivia



Welcome December. Hello to chilly air, frosted windows, seeing your breath, early sunsets and gorgeous starry skies. Hello to gloves, sweaters, pea coats, hats, scarves and boots.

Hello to snowflakes, snow angels, sledding, and skiing. Ice skating, snowball fights, icicles, and building snowmen. Hello to the first snow fall of the year, so pure and perfect.

Hello to thick socks, warm blankets, cuddling, pajamas, hot chocolate, and sitting in front of the fireplace.

Hello to twinkling lights, Christmas music, snow globes, carolers, watching a Charlie Brown Christmas, decorating the tree, and wrapping the perfect present.

Hello to wreaths, tinsel, untangling lights,  pinecones, garland, glitter, candles, ornaments, and paper snowflakes. Hello to candy canes, secret Santa, holiday parties and tacky Christmas sweaters.

Hello to driving around looking at lights, holiday parades, everyone dressed as Santa, stockings, holiday crafts, and the twinkle in a child's eye.

Hello to holly and mistletoe, holiday traditions, baked goods, eggnog, and the sweet aroma of gingerbread, cinnamon, peppermint and vanilla.

Hello to the Christmas Spirit, joy, love, peace... and magic for those who still believe ;)

Hello December.