Welcome December. Hello to chilly air, frosted windows, seeing your breath, early sunsets and gorgeous starry skies. Hello to gloves, sweaters, pea coats, hats, scarves and boots.

Hello to snowflakes, snow angels, sledding, and skiing. Ice skating, snowball fights, icicles, and building snowmen. Hello to the first snow fall of the year, so pure and perfect.

Hello to thick socks, warm blankets, cuddling, pajamas, hot chocolate, and sitting in front of the fireplace.

Hello to twinkling lights, Christmas music, snow globes, carolers, watching a Charlie Brown Christmas, decorating the tree, and wrapping the perfect present.

Hello to wreaths, tinsel, untangling lights,  pinecones, garland, glitter, candles, ornaments, and paper snowflakes. Hello to candy canes, secret Santa, holiday parties and tacky Christmas sweaters.

Hello to driving around looking at lights, holiday parades, everyone dressed as Santa, stockings, holiday crafts, and the twinkle in a child's eye.

Hello to holly and mistletoe, holiday traditions, baked goods, eggnog, and the sweet aroma of gingerbread, cinnamon, peppermint and vanilla.

Hello to the Christmas Spirit, joy, love, peace... and magic for those who still believe ;)

Hello December.

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