Motivation Monday: Interest vs Commitment

As a small business owner, I love quotes related to mentorship, leadership, and business management; and Kenneth Blanchard is an expert in those areas. The above quote showcases the difference between interest and commitment, and the results of those differences.

Someone can have an interest in a variety of topics, hobbies, and subjects, but a person who is committed in those areas treats it differently. I have an interest in fitness and health; but I am committed to competing in a figure competition and helping others with their goals.

Interest is reactive. Commitment is proactive.
When you are interested in something you sample it, try it out and play around with it. When you are committed to something, you take solid action steps to move toward the desired outcome. When you commit to something, you have an expectation of results, not just a wish.

The day you choose to draw a line in the sand, set your priorities, and refuse to allow anything stand in your way, you are on your way from interest to commitment. If you desire to achieve excellence, you must be committed totally and completely.

Commitment stems from discipline and passion.
Both are required to succeed. Discipline pushes you over the difficulties on your journey towards your goal, and passion drives your actions from the heart. Once you connect your goal to your heart, your life changes, your attitude towards the situation takes a 180* turn, and your feel complete in your daily actions towards the goal. For me, there is nothing better than working out, eating clean, and sacrificing my guilty pleasures, because my heart knows what I want and I get pleasure when I move forward.

I challenge you to ask yourself how committed you are to your goals, your dreams, and your success. Whether in business, fitness, or personal growth, asking that question will help you determine your next steps. As we move into the "Resolution Season," I encourage you to buckle down and decide what you want for your health, your life, and your family.

Interest or Commitment. What team are you on?

In Fitness + Health,
~ Q. Olivia

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