Motivation Monday 6: Whatever It Takes (WIT)

In order to reach our fitness goals... or any goals for that matter. We must learn to have a "whatever it takes" mentality or WIT as I like to call it.

WIT mentality pushes us when we think we cannot go further. WIT helps us run faster, perform longer, and give it our all, when we thought we had given everything. WIT keeps us focused and motivated. WIT helps us to see how great we are, when others doubt us. WIT shows us who we are, when no one else is looking.

Challenge: What would our life be like if we had a Whatever It Takes Mentality in every single aspect of our life? We might have healthier relationships, improved financial situations, better health and lifestyle. With a WIT mentality there is no turning back. Once you make a decision to improve your life no matter what it takes, you are focused and feel a greater purpose in sense in every action, thought, and deed.

We all have goals and dreams, but we are not going to reach those aspirations by simply thinking about them. We have to apply what we know to be true to reach those goals, whether fitness related or something of a more personal or private nature. Do not expect things to just be simple. We have to work for what we want; every day.

If you want something you have to truly commit to it. You will be able to separate the fitness posers from the fitness winners in a few weeks; all the gyms across America that have been filled from morning to night will begin to be less congested. People who thought they could reach weight loss and fitness goals in one month are going to give up claiming that a healthy diet and exercise "just doesn't work."

They are going to make some excuse to stop going to the gym. And then by the end of February they will not be going to the gym at all, and will possibly gain back they weight they did lose by the end of March.

WHY? They did not have a WIT attitude. They wanted something, but were not willing to put their heart and soul into their goal. Do not fall into that category. Continue pushing yourself. Continue seeing yourself as you want to be: fit, happy, and healthy. Continue going to the gym even in your workout buddy quits. Continue counting your calories, monitor your snacking and guzzling down your water. If you want it, you have it. Just keep having that WIT attitude.

In Health,
~ Q. Olivia

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