Motivation Monday 4: Clear Your Mind

No excuses, but last week was hectic, so sorry that is has been an entire week since my last post. This week's motivation comes from another image phrase:

Thoughts are the reason people succeed or fail. It is the reason people go for the promotion, or don't. Thoughts are why we choose to hit the gym... or stay on the couch.

Have you ever seen a balloon become punctured with a hole by a sharp object? It only takes one little hole in the balloon to deflate it. It may take a while for it to completely deflate but eventually all the air goes out. You may even try to patch it up, but that temporary patch will not hold forever.

Our thoughts are just like those balloons. One little negative word, like can't, can deflate our confidence, discourage us from trying, or keep us from reaching our goals.Negative words can be deadly weapons and slowly chip not only at our goals and dreams, but our energy and health.

With so many negative ideas that get implanted into our thought process on a daily basis, it is important to do some daily "dusting" and "cleaning" of the mind. I recently saw a comic strip that mentioned that the English language has over 400 ways to say no. That is a lot of negativity.

Remember our thoughts determine our future.

When you hear negative, verbally proclaim the affirmative.
When you believe you can do it, your life changes.

My trainer (Lee) and I have made an agreement: during a workout there is no use of the words: cannot, hard, quit, refuse, give up, etc. I am only allowed to speak positive. If I don't speak positive, I can be sure to earn myself some extra reps.

What words do you say (unaware) that are actually assisting in your failure, rather than your success?
Clear your mind. You have a dream. You have a goal. So do not let a simple four letter word (with an apostrophe) change your winning attitude.


In Health.
~ Q. Olivia

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