Tasty Tuesday: Nocturnal Noshing

We all do it when we are up in the middle of the twilight hours: raid the refrigerator for snacks. If you are not sleeping, your body for some reason tells you that you are hungry, even if you did just have a healthy and satisfying dinner.

And of course, what do we reach for most likely? The sweets or the salties... and sometimes, both.

Now, as you training, is it a nutritional sin to have snacks outside of you pre-planned meals and snacks. The answer is actually, NO.

Here are some awesome, healthy, and palate-pleasing snacks that you can consume before going to bed.

Snack 1 - Canned Tune w/ Olive Oil

Fat free. Minimal prep work. All you have to do is drizzle a spoon of olive oil and throw your tuna on some spinach and your body will gladly take in the iron and healthy fats to prepare you for an active morning.

Snack 2 - Homemade Trail Mix

All of your favorites at once. Trail mix is power packed with nutrients. Of course, when you make your own you control the amount of sugar and salt you are digesting. My favorite homemade trail mix consists of dried cranberries, almonds, wheat pretzels, sunflower seeds, pistachios, and dried blueberrries. Yum!!

Snack 3 - PBB Roll Ups

As a kid, my my never bought PB for us. She thought it was not a "proper meal" to have PB sandwiches. Then again, she was raised in the South were their idea of proper is grease, sugar, and fat.Little did mom know we were missing out on some serious protein. So now as an adult I get my PB fix with peanut butter and banana roll ups. All I do is spread PB on a tortilla, chop some nanners up and throw those on top, and roll it up. A light, but filling snack that should get your through the night.

Snack 4 - Greek Yogurt + Almonds

Two of my favorite quick snacks together, provides your body with fiber, protein, and omega fats!!

Snack 5 - Nutrilite Cookies and Cream Whey Protein Bar

This little delicious bar packs some heavy protein and flavor. Even better, this bar tastes nothing like a protein bar. It tastes like a candy bar. The cookie and cream flavor is a must for all those with a wee bit of a sweet tooth.

With all of these options you can now snack without guilt. Enjoy your snacks, but make sure they are just that... a snack. Happy Snacking!!

In Health,
~ Q. Olivia

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