Workout Wednesday - Holiday Workouts

No, I did not forget to post. It is being posted rather late in the evening, so hopefully your workout is completed by now. It has just been one of those day... work, home, business, phone calls, email, distractions, and the list goes on and on. How do people with children do it? I am exhausted just trying to manage a household of two adults, let alone two adults with a couple of kids thrown in the mix and probably a dog. Hats off to the active and fit parents out there. Just thinking about your daily schedule makes me sleepy.

Well today, marks the first "Workout Wednesday." Originally the plan was to post one of my favorite workouts or a wellness tip or two; and honestly, I have not decided what I will do on this special hump day of the week, but in the spirit of the Christmas season let's look at simple (but super effective) workouts you can do without leaving the comforts of your home on holidays:

PUSH-UP: An oldie, but goodie. If you need to start with the modified version (knees resting on the ground), do so. Remember to keep your back and buttocks flat and parallel to the ground; don't let them sink down.

LUNGE: With weights, this workout is more intense. You can even use large canned goods if you do not have dumbbells. Your legs will love you after the holidays.

CRUNCH: Great for the abdominals. We love to hate crunches, but they are super effective, and there are many ways to modify them to work various stomach muscles. Summer will be here before you know... it is time to get that stomach slim and and firm.

Once again, enjoy your holidays to the fullest, and find some time to get a quick 5-minute workout in between 2nd and 3rd helpings of food.

In Health,
~ Q. Olivia

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