Curves and Cuts

Curve (kurv), n. – a line that deviates from straightness in a smooth, continuous fashion; something characterized by such a line or surface, especially a rounded line or contour of the human body.
Cut (kut), v. n. – to grow, to perform, an abrupt change of image, transition; to ground to specific shape; to alter.
(The American Heritage Dictionary, Fourth Edition, Copyright © 2000)

The title of any blog is important. It gives the readers a glimpse of what will be portrayed in the posts to come; it is the first words readers take notice of and the words that essentially summarize your entire blog. Needless to say, choosing a title is quite stressful.

Why did I choose my title? For several reasons. First, fitness is fun and fabulous and it is something everyone can participate in: men and women, young and old, novice and professional. Second, as I chronicle my own personal journey intermingled with research, resources, and information from others, I know that my individual goals are to become more toned (cut), but still keep my “girlish” figure (curves). Finally, it is short, simple and to the point… similar to how I like my workouts :)

When people hear the term “cut,” an image of a chiseled and muscular man may come to mind; the word “curves,” on the other hand, usually produces visual images of a woman’s body. Is it possible to have both curves and cuts? Yes. And my fitness journey will get me there, and hopefully help others.

No, this blog is not just for women, but since the author is a woman, chances are the writing will possibly emulate the thoughts of a woman. This blog plans to celebrate every nook & cranny ; every curve & cut. The goal is to promote a healthy body image no matter your gender or fitness preferences.

Fitness means different things to different people. Our goals should not be to look like Barbie or Ken dolls, but to be a better, healthier, and happier you. Besides, without curves, we essentially would be walking rectangles (see the above definition of a curve).

I love research and reading articles, studies, and other blogs about fitness and health. During my reading I came across an interesting article & photo:

Photographer Matthew Molston, of "O" Magazine, caputured this photo of model Katie Halchishick depicting what she would have to do to her body to look like the iconic Barbie doll. Check out this photo online and the blog website "Healthy is the New Skinny."

So once again, welcome to my blog and happy reading.

In Health, 
~ Q. Olivia

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