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"Fitness for life" has become my motto as I have taken the first of many steps, jumps, and leaps to reach my fitness goals. It is not a prolific or profound message by any means; yet, it is the simple idea that fitness is and should be a way of life.

Have you ever heard of the Slight Edge principle? First, if you have not read the book The Slight Edge  by Jeff Olson, I highly recommend it. Second, the principle summed up states: "Simple actions, repeated daily over a long period of time, lead to massive results. If you consistently do a little more than others, you will consistently have more than others."

Late night snacking
Small changes over time really do make a big difference. For example, how many of us eat a large meal before bed, or take the elevator up one floor, or even snack in front of the TV?
How many of us drive for several minutes around a lot looking for a parking space closer to the entry, or indulge with sugary treats when we have a sweet tooth?

On the surface those little things may not seem relevant or life-altering at the time, but over time they have an incredible impact on your health. The small efforts you put in now will result in a great reward later on down the road.

We all know what is involved in a "healthy lifestyle." We know what kinds of exercise are good for us, and we know what kinds of food are the best for nutrition. I know it. You know it. So why don't we just do it?

As Jeff Olson says in The Slight Edge, "Because it won't kill us. Not today." Basically, he writes how it is easy to eat well, and it is easy not to, because it is not the one junk food meal we had yesterday, it is the thousands we have over a period of time.

Imagine you are standing in line in a cafeteria; as you reach the end with the desserts lined up there are two options: fruit or cupcakes. How easy is it to pick up an apple for a healthy option? Really easy. How easy is it to indulge and go for the cupcake? Just as easy, right?

A simply, positive action. A simple error in judgement. Either way, the decisions we make either work for us, or against us. We must decide.

You cannot put a price on your health. Make fitness a part of your lifestyle everyday. Take the stairs. Park further away from your building. Go for a walk with a friend or significant other. Whatever you do, just go out and do it.

In Health,
Q. Olivia

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