Taking Back Sundays

(No. The title of this post has nothing to with the music group. It is about the actual day, Sunday...)

Weekends. Everyone loves them. 
When the clock strikes 4 on a Friday, people race to their cars in the parking garage and drive into the sunset towards freedom and relaxation... at least until Monday morning.

Sundays are the perfect lazy day and usually consist of three things: 1) overeating at Sunday brunch, 2) napping and watching TV, and 3) worrying about work on Monday and everything else that needs to be accomplished that week.

It is time to TAKE BACK SUNDAYS!!!

Being active on Sundays is a great start your week off right. My dance crew rehearses every Sunday, so I know that unless it is a holiday, I will get an hour workout during dance practice, and I have fun! But because dancing is a lot of stopping and starting, sometimes I want a more intense workout, so my husband and I might go for a nice 5K run together, or I will go running by myself, if he wants to do a longer run that day (he is a marathon runner).

Your Sunday workout does not have to be intense, but doing something active can elevate your mood and help you get a good night sleep before tackling your weekly events.

Great Sunday fitness activities can be walking, a game of tennis or racquetball, light weights, or a simple hike up some hills in your community.
The great thing about going to the gym on a Sunday, is that more than likely, you have it all to yourself. The machines, the weights, and the mirrors are all for you :)

Continue to enjoy your Sunday, sleep in a little, enjoy time with your family, and be active. You will not regret it.

In Health,
~ Q. Olivia

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  1. Hi Q, great posts!!! I miss seeing you around town. Happy holidays to you and your husband.

    Robin (Blessed Tresses)