Skinny Up Your Weekend

For most of us, it seems that our diets, healthy eating and exercise comes to a halting crash on the weekends. Maybe psychologically you are off from work on those two days; most people associate healthy living with being like word; therefore, when you check out out of the office on Friday, so does your diet.

Not so. Do not allow two days to destroy your hard work from the week!! Trust me, five good days of eating does not balance out two poor days of junk. Research shows that we can easily consume 1,000 more calories a day on the weekends that Monday through Friday.

Here are some tips to skinny up your weekend:

1. Be a Picky Eater.
Weekends are big days for eating out. You do not have to slave away in the kitchen on your weekends. Family-friendly restaurants are used to picky eaters, so it is alright to order things made-to-order; exactly how you want them. Order a burger, but hold all the fattening condiments that come along with it.

2. B.Y.O.F.
Weekends are notorious for get-together and parties. Do not become entrapped in all the high fattening foods at your social gatherings. Bring Your Own Food. It is okay to pack a few Ziploc bags of healthy munchies like vegetables, fruit or dried nuts. Or simply eat a hearty, healthy meal before going out and about. It is simple to say, "No thanks, I just ate" if offered tempting treats without being rude :)

3. Be Active
Boredom can lead to snacking and grazing through the food cabinets. Plan your weekend (like you plan your week) and stay busy. It does not have to be a jam packed schedule, but have activities in mind so that you do not stay at home simply watching TV all day and cleaning out our pantry with your mouth!!

4. Drink Up
Drink more water. Attending weekend events usually involved alcohol. Drinking water or ginger ale between alcoholic beverages, not only keeps your hydrated, but it helps with becoming under the influence, which normally results in making very bad eating choices!! I remember to well those late night runs to Taco Bell & McDonald's. Alcohol + grease are your worse enemies when combined together.

5. Burn Calories

Now, I am not saying you have to hit the gym super hard on the weekends, it is a few days of rest after all; however, get out and go do something fun. Get some friends together for salsa lessons, find a new hiking trail (good for a date with your sweetie), or go be a kid again and spend a few hours playing laser tag or paint ball. The gym is not the only place to lose calories!!

Have a wonderful and fit weekend :)

In Health,
~ Q. Olivia

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