Motivation Monday 8: Inspiration

What inspires you? Is it a pair of fabulous skinny jeans? A recent health concern? An upcoming even such as a beach vacation or a wedding day? Whatever inspires you, I recommend that you print it out and post it where you can see it. Seeing your goals before your eyes helps you stay focused and be reminded daily what all the hard work is going towards. Keep your goals visible!!

Motivation is easier when you are around others. Surround yourself with exercise-oriented people. This may mean joining a gym, a running club, or a group of yoga or Pilates students. Finding a walking buddy at work or someone to eat lunch with who also enjoys being healthy.

Another way to stay inspired is to read blogs or become a blogger yourself. When you are writing about your journey it motivates you to continue sharing your story with others out there, whether you know them or not. Besides, you never know who might need to hear your success. Telling people your goals and posting about your success is an awesome motivator. Be inspiring to be inspired!!

Whatever you do to become inspired, do it weekly or daily, as often as it takes.

Just remember, no one can inspire you like you can.
The best changes often start as single, simple actions. Thing BIG and discover how to make your dreams real.

In Health,
~ Q. Olivia

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