Motivation Monday 9: What's Stopping You?

What keeps us from following our resolutions, goals, or dreams. Three things: time, money, and laziness. Now... I may have added that last one myself, but I do believe it is true!!

I would go out on a limb to say that over 50% people who started health resolutions in February have most likely given up those resolutions. Treadmills at the gym are once again getting dusty and there is no longer a 15 minutes wait to use the weights.

I just hope YOU are not one of those who have given up your health and fitness goals. Let's discuss these three evils (time, money, and laziness) one at a time.

Although this is one of the biggest killers, I have to say time is not a valid excuse for not following your health plan. Everyone has the same hours in a day; 24. Really healthy people are not blessed with an extra hour everyday to hit the gym. There is not store that you can buy a quick 30 minutes to get your cardio in; we all have the same amount.

This is where time management really comes in hand. I always say, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." Plan your week out. Which days are you going to work out? When are you going to do them? How long will your workouts be? What will your meals include? What day will you cook your meals? When will go grocery shopping? If you miss a workout because of an unforeseen emergency, where can you fit it in later in the week?

I know this seems like a ridiculous amount of questions, but all are legitimate and important to consider. Finally, on the topic of time, tackle your hardships head on. If you are not used to working out daily, do not try to start now. First choose 2 days a week to work out; then up the ante to three days; and then four if you're feeling bold :)

Time is one of our most valuable tools; use (and manage) it wisely.

You've heard it... money doesn't grow on trees. Yes, we all know that. At least, I hope we do. While the health market makes millions of dollars a year; you do not have to break open your childhood piggy  bank to eat healthy.
Always set a budget before going to the grocery store. Make a list and stick to it. I am guilty of not doing this on Mondays. Sometimes I make a "mental grocery list" and know I need to get the basics: chicken breast or white fish, fruit and vegetables, ingredients for salad, beans, egg whites, etc. I have found when I attempt to go by my mental list, I end up buying a lot more than I originally planned, and that of course results in me being surprised when the cashier announces the total to me. I usually take a quick second to glance over at what is being loaded into my cart and realization hits me: I came to the store without my coveted list. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Not only can eating healthy be economic, so can your workouts. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on a personal trainer or gym membership. Look online for exercises you can do at home, in the park, or at a local high school track. There are literally hundreds of thousands of videos, articles and tips on exercises that do not require dumbbells or weight machines. If you do want a personal trainer, find a committed friend to work out with you. Usually personal trainers will work with two to three people at the same time, and you can split the cost among you.

Although you do not have to spend lots of money on fitness and health, you have to admit; investing in your personal care is well worth it in the long run. It beats spending thousands on surgeries or medications later in life because of health concerns. Right?


This is where these Monday Motivators come in. Motivation is the hardest part about any goal. It is simple to go to the gym and get a 30 minute or one hour workout in. BUT... it is also simple not to go and sit on your couch, eating chips and watching TV.
If this isn't lazy... I don't know what is.
Are you kidding me?!?!

You can always make more money; or find an extra few minutes to do some push-ups, but finding motivation is a challenge. You are the only one who can do it though. If you depend on your co-worker who walks the track with you during lunch breaks or your personal trainer; what happens when they are not around. Who motivates you then? While it is great to have workout buddies and accountability partners, the best person to motivate you is YOU.

Try it. I promise you will like it. In fact, you may even start to love it ;)

I hope this week is an awesome fitness and health week for you. Kick these three excuses and become the healthiest, fittest you ever!!

In Health,
~ Q. Olivia

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