Body Transformation 2012 Challenge

On January 30, I signed up to compete in Bodybuilding.com's 2012 Body Transformation Challenge. Now I have not been posting much about it (particularly since I am only on week two); however, I have been capturing photos of my workouts, meals, and of course profiles to submit into the competition. I am super excited and wish all the other contestants the best of luck!!

Here is a quick photo montage of my recent journey!!

Breakfast Option: egg whites and cooked oats with a dash of cinnamon

Breakfast or Snack Option: fruit smoothie. My favorite is strawberry & banana

Breakfast Option: One wheat waffle w/ 1Tbsp of peanut butter, a fruit of choice, and a glass of vitamin D & calcium fortified orange juice (no acid).

Meal Prep Mondays: Cooking up a few ups of brown rice for the week


Shoulders + Triceps

Homemade Baked (not fried) Eggrolls

Arms + Shoulders

Peeling sweet potatoes for a lunch side dish

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