Monday Motivation: Your Money is No Good Here

About a year ago, I started looking for gyms near my home and my place of work. We have a home gym in our apartment complex, but I wanted a "gym atmosphere" and the opportunity to meet new people. So I started my search.

I went to several gyms, took a few tours, and got a couple of free passes to try the places out. One gym in particular marveled about its theatre room. This room had dozens of treadmills and ellipticals all lined up side by side, and a massive screen projector that played movies all day. The room had low lighting to 'set the mood' for watching movies. Seriously?

I remember thinking, "I can watch movies at home. I come to the gym to workout... in the light." I quickly left that gym.

In October 2012, I found the Houston Gym. I liked it immediately.

I love my gym. It is a place for serious trainers and athletes. It is un-commercial (which I love). And all of the patrons have gym etiquette. They put the weights back. They wipe off the benches after they sweat on them. And you never see people just sitting on a machine taking up space. People actually workout and then get up when they are done.

For the last two weeks I have been on the road, so I have not been able to see my comrades and gym buddies. And I actually miss them!

The gym environment is really crucial for me, especially with the goals that I have. I hate messy/unclean gyms, and I really dislike looking for workout equipment because people do not know how to put things back.

The above photo reminds that it is not the money that you pay, or all of the posh-ness and amenities. It is the hard work and dedication that matter. When you pay for something, you appreciate it a bit more. You are more accountable. You are more determined to make it happen.

So for me, it is more than just the $30 a month. It is the accountability that I have with the regulars that I see all the time. It is the friendships that I make. It is the desire to be around other competitors and winners. It is the way I feel when I arrive, and more especially, when I leave.

No. I do not pay my gym dues in money. But with my presence and commitment.

Until Next Time...
~ Q. Olivia

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