Workout Wednesday: Terrific Triceps

For women in particular, the arms and upper body is where we lack in strength. When some women hear I am working towards being in a bodybuilding competition their eyes get big. When some of my clients workout and I encourage weights, they inform me that they do not want to get "bog like a man."

SLOW DOWN. It would take years of intense training before you looked like a man. I love working out my arms, it makes me feel powerful in the gym and of course results in shapely shoulders and well-defined arms.

One of my favorite arm muscles to hit at the gym are the triceps!! Here are a few that I incorporate on my arms days:

A detailed, artistic version of the workout :)
I love the bench dip because while the target zone is your tris, it also works those awesome chest & shoulders. Doing a series of these in between other arms workouts or even on a leg day will get that flab under your arms firm in no time!!

Use 2-5lbs weights the first time to get your body
adjusted to the plank press and practice perfect form.
This workout is fabulous because it hits your shoulders, back & abs in addition to those triceps. How awesome is that. This is probably one of the most fun workouts that attack my tris.

This is by far my favorite triceps workout. This is an isolation workout and really focuses on the triceps muscle. So few exercises allow the triceps to be the primary; usually it is the secondary muscle in workouts like push-ups.

So try these out and see how you like them. I know your arms will thank you. It is almost summer time, your arms deserve to be seen lean, sleek, and sexy.

In Health,
~ Q. Olivia

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