Monday Motivation 10: When in Doubt

This is probably one of the best, yet most simple motivators for me. I know during my high school and early college years, my de-stressor was to go run or workout. Any problems that I had seemed to be settled either on the dance floor or at the gym. As I got older I found other ways to relief stress, but nothing compares to the feelings of exhilaration, stamina, and sweat when you are working out.

If you have doubts about if you gave it your all... work out
If you are frustrated, mad or angry.... work out
If you have had the best day of your life... work out
If you skipped the last two weeks at the gym... work out
If you ate a really unhealthy meal... work out
If you want to fit in those jeans or wear the summer bikini just right... work out.
If you are bored and have nothing productive to do... work out.

When in doubt... WORK OUT :)

In Health,
~ Q. Olivia

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