Nutrilite Product Feature: Vanilla Whey Protein

 I love protein shakes. And this whey protein is by far one of my favorite shakes of all time.

Most of you know that my husband and I run our company called Rivers Empire powered by Amway Global.

We have the most amazing health and wellness products in the world. Literally.

This product is perfect for those of us who are weightlifters, endurance athletes, or those who want to build muscle (that would definitely be me).

The awesome thing about the NUTRILITE® Whey Protein Powder is that it is fast-digesting and quickly used by the body to repair and build muscle.

Competitive Information
Compare NUTRILITE® Whey Protein Powder with Herbalife®24 Rebuild Strength and Optimum Nutrition Platinum Hydro
NUTRILITE Herbalife24 Optimum Nutrition
Serving Size 38 to 40 g 50.5 g 52 g
Calories 150 190 190
Protein 25 to 26g 24 g 30 g
Carbs 8 to 9 g 18 g 9 g
Sugar 6 g 14 g 2 g
Red Orange Complex Yes No No
Artificial Colors No No Yes
Artificial Flavors No No Yes
Artificial Sweeteners No No No
Preservaties No No Yes
Price Per Serving $2.09 to $3.21 $3.70 $2.37
Based on internet and label claims, October 2011. Comparisons made per label recommended serving size. Trademark: Herbalife (Herbalife International, Inc., Los Angeles, Calif.). Pricing from Herbalife 2011 catalog and GNC.com – October 2011.
This, and other products are available for sale at our website RIVERS EMPIRE.
In Health,
~ Q. Olivia

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