Monday Motivation: Sweet Exhaustion

Happy Monday Friends,

Can you believe that it is the last week of January? So much has happened this month, but I have already identified areas in my life that I need to apply more dedication, commitment, and focus.

One of those areas I overcame this morning. While I made it to the gym, it was definitely a struggle that I almost lost due to a deadly combination: a warm bed + a 12 hour drive from Kansas to Houston yesterday. Knowing that would be an "easy excuse" I opted to charge my phone in the bathroom overnight so when the alarm went off, I would have to get up to turn it off.
Once I am out of bed, I cannot go back to sleep (know thyself).

Despite my body (and mind) being confused as to why we were moving at 4:45 AM, it was worth it... it always is.

As I sit here, drinking my whey protein and flipping through various pictures and quotes that inspire me to be better, the one above rings true and loud, particularly today. Staying in bed was my top draft pick this morning. Sure, I would have received 2 more hours of sleep (cue the Hallelujah Chorus), but I would not have been any closer to my goal. And then I would have woken up, got ready for work, and spent all day wishing I had gone to the gym.

Why wish, when you can simply act?
Find smalls ways every day to motivate yourself into action. Exhaustion can be a beautiful thing.
Embrace it.

In Love & Health,
~ Q. Olivia

P.S. The following image is proof that I went to the gym this morning... and regretted nothing :)
Leg Day

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