January Fitness Challenge

In the past few years, social media has been flooded with 30-day fitness challenges, and they have become all the rage. They are a great way to encourage people of all fitness levels and abilities to put their skills to the test and motivate them to get up and be active.

As with any challenge, results vary, but may include weight loss, muscle toning and strength, or simply pushing someone to take those first steps to a healthier lifestyle. These challenges are especially fun with an accountability partner or workout group to help you complete the challenge.

Although I have been working out quite regularly, I figured I would start the year off with a great challenge that tackles all of the body parts that I want to improve (glutes, abdominals, and arms).
The 30 day challenge I am participating in is called "Guns, Buns & Abs."

Since there are 31 days in the January, and only 30 days of this challenge, I decided to start today, so that I could end on the last day of the month. Here is what the challenge consists of:

The Guns, Buns & Ab Challenge has been circulating on social media for a while now, so it is uncertain who originally created this challenge, but if you know, post it below so the creator can get mad credit. I love this challenge because the reps go really high, and I love pushing myself to the limit. The great thing about the high reps is that you do not have to finish the entire set at one time, you can split them up if needed. You do have to complete all the scheduled reps for the day, no carrying reps over to the next day.

My goal is to finish each day within 20 minutes. The first couple of weeks I know I can complete the daily activities within that time, but as it gets closer to the end you will notice the reps get into the 100's and 200's. Those will be much more difficult, but by then, hopefully I am also stronger.

The first day was success. It did not take me long. A short video is posted below. I am going to take video of myself daily to make improvements on my form, but I will not post a video every day (besides, you do not want to see the faces I make when I workout).

I hope you can join me on this challenge. If not this one, select one that is more suited for your goals.

In Love + Fitness,
~ Q. Olivia

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