Motivation Monday: The Weighted Truth

So, when I tell people I am training to do bodybuilding (bikini/fitness competition) I get all sorts of comments and crazy looks. People wonder why I want to get so big and why I lift heavy.

One co-worker asked if I was "going to look like a man," while another athlete asked me if I am going to get bigger than my husband. Seriously?

Some people have made rather disparaging remarks about women who are heavy lifters and compete in physique categories.

For all of those out there wondering what I am going to look like, here is this week's motivation in the form of this picture...

So we have two women on the left (what women think happens) and the two women one the right (what really happens). My goal is to be on the right side. Lean, toned, and athletic.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with how the male and female bodies differ, here is some basic information:
1. Men have more testosterone. Enough said.
2. Men naturally carry more muscle mass than women.
3. Women's breast do not get bigger because they lift weights (if that was the case, I would have started weight lifting in middle school, haha). If anything they actually get smaller because you are decreasing your body fat. Boooo!!!

While there are some women who do look like the professional bodybuilders on the left, most of those women take some form of anabolic steroids (synthetic testosterone) along with other drugs in order to achieve high degrees of muscularity. That is not something that happens just by lifting weights alone. And most of those female bodybuilders have a crazy work ethic, are in the gym multiple times a day, and some even have good genes :)

And while, that life style or body type may not be for you, it does not mean it is not attractive. Since my training journey, I have met some insanely muscular women, and they are beautiful from the inside-out. They are fierce competitiors, and have dynamic muscle definition that I would kill for.

Long story, short: Do not be afraid of weights. Lift hard, lift heavy and you will see your woman curves become even more pronounced. I promise you... you will not look like a man.

beautiful fitness competitors who lift weights

Check out some of the fitness/figure competitors on Bodybuilding.com or the NPC/IFBB websites. All of those women train hard and heavy, and they look like women.

Lift like a man, look like a woman.

Until Next Time...
~ Q. Olivia

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  1. Awesome post babe!
    P.S. There is no way my wife will ever get "bigger" than me ;)