Welcome 2014

Happy New Years Friends!!

I just wanted to take some time to wish you all a marvelous New Year.
May 2014 be filled with prosperity, love, laughter, joy, peace and purpose.

A new year means new possibilities, new adventures, new travels, new memories, new life moments, and new resolutions. Most people know I prefer the word goals over resolutions because of the low rate of success in achieving resolutions (8%). Still it is one of our biggest traditions and I too participate every year.

As I did last year, I have organized my 2014 goals in eleven basic categories (because I can be OCD). Many of them are continuations or repeats (if I fell short of the goal) from last year. So here we go...

1. Read 10 Entrepreneur Books
2. Read 5 Pleasure Books "For Fun"

1. Complete the 52-Week Savings Challenge
2. Continue following a monthly budget and using the envelope system

1. Cook through an entire cook book
2. Complete a raw or clean recipe challenge every month

1.Complete in a bikini/fitness competition (REPEAT)
2. Continue with weekly meal prep
3. Exercise 5x/week
4. Run a 5K every quarter
5. Drop 10% body fat
6. Continue with this awesome fitness blog :)

1. Pray together daily
2. Weekly date nights
3. Affirm my husband

Home Life
1. Create a cleaning schedule for the week
2. Quarterly Super Clean Day to discard junk and clutter

1. Improve on leadership skills
2. Run the best department in my agency

1. Continue working with BBBS
2. Youth Group volunteer

1. Individual Bible Study
2. Join Women's Guild

1. Write more letters to family and friends
2. Continue sending cards for special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
3. Take a few dance classes
4. Spoil my future niece/nephew
5. Get a passport and travel abroad

1. New Business Cards
2. Attend 3 Vendor Markets
3. New Monthly Customers & IBOs
4. Platinum Level

In this last year, I enjoyed myself and working towards many of my goals. Though I fell short, there was much that I was able to accomplish. I learned so much and feel I have grown, though I have much further to go. One big thing I learned about goals this year was that "We first make our habits, and then our habits make us." It takes 21 days for a action to become a habit, and then the habit makes us. Our business team has complete the 21 day challenge four times this year to assist us in becoming more committed and consistent with our goals. It has been awesome having an accountability system and I highly recommend that for 2014. Find someone who also is serious about making life improvements and ask them to be your accountability partner. Every resolution or goal may require a different accountability partner, but it will make a world of difference as you move forward.

2013 Life Lessons

  • Remember that this is your life to live. No one else can live it for you.
  • Do what you love, and do it often.
  • Life is short, so live your dreams.
  • See yourself living in abundance and you will attract it.
  • Set a goal to achieve that is so big and so exhilarating that it excites you and scares you at the same time. The goals must be so much in line with your spiritual core that you cannot get it out of your mind.
  • Everything you are seeking is seeking you in return; therefore, everything you want is already yours. It is simply a matter of becoming more aware of what you already possess.
  • Be thankful. Not just in November, but every day of every month.
  • Explore. Go explore a new city, try out a new habit, and discover a new talent.
You are worthy of every dream and goal that you set for yourself. Make 2014 the year of victory and success. I believe in you!

Dream Big,
~ Q. Olivia

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